Baluran National Park

What is Baluran National Park ?
Baluran National Park or also called small Africa in Java, there are some natural destinations that you can visit. Of the breadth of the field Savana Bekol, until thick green forest Evergreen Forest, to the underwater beauty of Bama.
Baluran National Park or also better known by his nickname, Africa Van Java is a nature conservation area which has original ecosystem, managed by the zoning system which is utilized for research, science, education, aquaculture, tourism and recreation.

Forest types Baluran ?
Many people call Baluran National Park is a miniature of Indonesia’s forests for almost all types of forests found in Baluran National Park.

Ranging from tropical rainforest to coral reefs scattered from Bama in the East Coast region baluran up room in the northern coastal region of Baluran. And the most typical of this region is a stretch of savannah extent of cover approximately 40% of Baluran. The diversity of forest types is what makes many researchers and academics interested in conducting research or study tours.

Coastal forests

Baluran beach consists of black sand, white, small black stone beach or reef slopes, depending on the region. Beach vegetation that grows is well developed Baringtonia formation (between Pandean and Tanjung Candibang, in Labuan Merak), pandan (Pandanus tectorius) in Tanjung Bendi, Pemphis acidula in Niagara Reef, Acrophora, Porites lutea, Serioptophora histerix and Stylophora sp.

Mangrove Forest ?

This forest type found in the North and East coast regions Baluran National Park, like in the room, Lambuyan, Mesigit, Tanjung Sedano and in Kelor. Mangrove short growing rather well in the mud, there are at Kelor and room dominated by a wood fire (Avicenia sp), Bogen (Sonneratia spp), Mangrove-bakauan (Rhizopra spp), Cantigi (Ceriops tagal) and Rhizophora apiculata. Salt marshes nearly bare derived from mangrove forests are clear-cut, there are in North Pandean, Mesigit, the west room and some other places. some trees.

Lets visit here after from ijen crater or mount bromo by tour package or tour operator

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