Green Bay / Teluk Hijau

What is Green Bay/Teluk Hijau ?

Green bay ( teluk hijau in indonesia language ) is located in Pesanggaran District , precisely in Sarongan village. It located about 92 km to south of Banyuwangi city. To reach this beach from Banyuwangi we just follow the directions to Pesanggaran-Sarongan-Sukamade, that are still one line of route to Sukamade turtle beach, Merubetiri National Park.

Green Bay is typical white sandy beach and the sand is find and it easily embedded in the skin. The bay also has panoramic view with green sea water inside and 8 meter high of waterfall. For those who give visit to this bay, the vehicles can be parked near Rajegwesi beach then we can walked to Green bay as far as +/- 2,5km. There is also a parking spot closer to the Green bay, but the roads are inadequate.

How To go There ?

Visit green bay from banyuwangi jajag district still about 2,5h to reach by car and from parking on the top you must walk down to the beach than we will see beautifull landscape of green bay.

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