Ijen Blue Fire Banyuwangi

Ijen Blue Fire | Traveller must know that one phenomenon, even the natural wonders that occurred in Indonesia. One of them Ijen Blue Fire. The traveller  never yet traveled in this place ?, if you do not try here the place is very nice and beautiful.  will never regret if coming here. We will give a little information about the ijen crater  and Blue Fire in Banyuwangi.  Ijen crater  is an active volcano which is located in Banyuwangi, East Java, Indonesia.

Traveller  how to get to Ijen Crater ?

Access to heading Ijen there are two lanes, from north and south. Paths can be passed from Situbondo north towards Sempol (Bondowoso) and ends at Paltuding, can be reached within 2.5 hours. From south can be passed from Banyuwangi Slippery within 35km. Along the 3km long climb that can be taken for 1.5-2 hours with a slope of 20-35 degrees. Hiking uphill climb and sandy enough so hikers should be cautious when heading towards the crater. The road to the region Ijen itself is fairly good because the roads are already in fix local government, to issue property, you will not be bothered to bring lunch because Paltuding there are many stalls selling your needs in the ascent to the crater of Ijen, lodging is also available there and the area campsite is widely available there that allows you to rest for a moment to get to ijen crater area. The crater is covered with sulfur fumes and inside craters have exceptional beauty that sulfur-colored lake of fire Tosca and blue (blue fire) that exist only in two places in the world.

When trekking  the crater, also do not forget to stop by on-site Blue Fire, because it is a natural phenomenon that is very beautiful. The searchers know the origin of the word “Blue Fire” ?. Blue fire was taken from the word ” blue ” which means blue and ” fire ” which means fire, blue fire and therefore we can conclude is a blue flame.

Ijen Crater when sunshine ?

The best time to climb the mountain at 05 000 until 6:00 pm because in the morning the sun is not shining and the long journey to go up and down the mountain about four hours. The scenery is more beautiful in the morning because of fog that close mountain and has not smelled sulfur vapor. Blue flames can be seen only in the early hours in the crater, which is at 1:00 to 02:00, before the sun rises. The peak moment of the beauty of the crater lies in when the sun was in the other hemisphere. Bright colors are derived from the high temperatures in the crater.

How cool is that ? The Tourist definitely be disappointed to discover the ijen crater and Ijen Blue Fire, in addition to great natural scenery, The Searchers were also given the beauty of the rare natural phenomenon in Indonesia, even the world.

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