Kumbolo Lake

Kumbolo Lake This is beautiful lake located in mount semeru area. about kumbolo lake a mystery that turned out rather make the hair stand. Ranu Kumbolo also known as the resting place of the climbers before continuing the journey to Mahameru. The pendeka who camped here often saw the ghostly figure of women in the middle Ranu Kumbolo.

In the middle of the crystal clear lake is on full moon nights frequent sightings figure is believed to be the goddess of Ranu Kumbolo watchman. Sightings often appear in the form of a thick fog that gathered then widened female figure.

Kumbolo Lake there were reportedly carp unknown origin. Goldfish it by the surrounding community called the reincarnation of the goddess ladies porters lake Ranu Kumbolo.

Area Ranu Kumbolo there is a ban on catching the fish, if you violate prepared to get things strange things that happen to you.

This prohibition is generally known by hikers. Before making the climb, the climbers are also often reminded not catch carp in the lake Ranu Kumbolo. However, there is also a climber by, but some are still violated, namely catching carp provoked.

Mbah Marijan depot, as well as the gatekeeper of Mount Merapi is famous for. Mbah Dipo residing in the areas most dangerous when there will be an eruption of Mount Semeru.

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