Mount Argopura Trekking

Argopura Volcano

Mount Argopura is it also called Mount Hyang. Located to the left of Ijen volcano, the mountain can be seen clearly from the three regions, Bondowoso, Probolinggo and Jember. This mountain is eerie. There often appear beautiful woman legged horse. He teased anyone who is ignorant.

From distance, Mount Argopuro as aloof. Bald peak, shrouded in mist. Large trees did not grow up like. Only the bushes there, and allow the mountain is seen naked from foot to peak.

Mount Argopuro for climbers very nice to climb. The terrain is not so dangerous. Very beautiful view.  where the eye could see, the blossoms the edelweiss scattered evenly. Indeed, this is one of the charms of the mountain that stood like ascetics.

So beautiful and landscape from the top of this mountain, the Dutch queen, Wilhelmina visited Mount Argopuro. Bringing aircraft, landed, and enjoy the beauty of the mountain that is still mysterious. Queen was brought back happy memories of this area. And, still stored neatly until now.

But in a mystical map, the mountain was full of mystery. Many strange events, scary experience was often experienced hikers. The most frequently disturbing mystery is, these obvious trip suddenly disappear from view. This is what makes the mountaineers lost direction and got lost on the way.

Among the many haunted neighborhood in Mount Argopuro, the most dreaded in the former aircraft landing Dutch queen, Wilhelmina. In this place many restrictions. In fact, nature lovers themselves should think long when it wants to take interest Edelwis. Because if not, then disaster is believed to come. Do not find their way home, lost, or met a lovely woman legged horse, which continue to follow his path.

Rengganis Princess

Mountains can be seen from these three districts barren. There is only a broad expanse of grasslands with steep hills. Trees do not grow. Because cleared off the Netherlands and the Majapahit kingdom when opening Besuki City.

In this place too much store historical objects. Relics of the Majapahit kingdom daughter, Dewi Rengganis. For that, the mountain is perfect for nature lovers. But on the other hand is very dangerous, because it often takes victims.

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