Mount Bromo Transport

Mount Bromo Transport

This is a port town, particularly for the fishing industry and is the nearest town of any size to Bromo-Tengger-Semeru National Park. The latter is main reason any visitor comes here as there is little else of  interest. The park is sometimes day tripped from an accommodation base at Probolinggo.

Bus from Surabaya take around two and half hours as do those from Malang.

Be sure to go all the way to the main bus station, 6 km southwest of the centre, instead of getting dropped off at some travel agent (who will pay the driver a commission). Minibuses to Cemoro Lawang from Probolinggo, the nearest settlement to Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park leave from the terminal and take about an hour and a half. Purchase any tickets directly at the bus station, as the local bromo tour operator are notoriously mercenary and will happily charge you multiples of the real price and/or fake return tickets.

For most people Probolinggo will only be a transfer point to get to Mount Bromo. If arriving by train (from Banyuwangi or Surabaya), you will already be spotted on the platform and freighted in an angkot to the bus station stand to Cemoro Lawang (IDR 5 000), which is located at the southern entrance of the BayuAngga station. There are any travel agents will try to sell accomodation and tours, but they aren’t too persistent. Just pay for the transport (mini bus, IDR 50.000) 2 hours, in the unlikely case there are 10-15 people. IDR 500 000/Mini Van and you should be on track soon. When arriving by bus, the procedure should be similar. According to the -friendly and helpful- tourist information office it is no longer possible to hire a motorbike in the town since 2011. Before it was possible at hotel Ratna and Tampiarto but some tourist stole the bikes according to the owner.

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