Mount Lamongan Trekking Information

Mount Lamongan Trekking

Mount Lamongan/Lemongan is located in the small village precisely in the area Papringan, Klakah, Lumajang, East Java. Mount Lamongan is still active but status safe. Mount  lemongan have blantara which still beautiful forest with nature, many different kinds of flora and fauna one of which is the plant Pockets Semar. Bag Semar can be found at an altitude of about 1560 above sea level.
Lemongan very suitable for climbing for beginners, lemongan have 1676Mdpl altitude above the sea level. Lemongan hiking path has been very clearly a lot of String Line on tree trunks and rocks around. Lemongan has the nickname of “Small pieces Cabe Rawit” siahh why is that? lemongan is not as high as the mighty mountains like Semeru/Mahameru but lemongan have Trekk Line mainstream, lemongan average terrain of rocks and a lot of rise-medium climbs.
Last post once basecamp climbing situated in the village of Papringan, Klakah, Lumajang precisely in pesanggrahan Mbah Citro. Mbah Citro itself is the caretaker of Mount Lamongan. Expertise in Javanese science led him to be visited by the pilgrims who come from various parts of the city to ask for something. He also followers of the true Pancasila. He built his own padepokannya complete with ornamental bird Garuda Pancasila and Unity in Diversity. He claimed that he was a close friend of one of the Founding Father, Ir. Sukarno, who is none other than Indonesia’s first president. This is where we can leave a bike and asked for permission to climb. Other alternatives are also licensing and bicycle storage can be done in village. in the last village about 1 km before the rest house Mbah Citro.

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