Mount Sawur Photography

Mount Sawur is located in Lumajang District 4,5h from Surabaya and 2h from Malang, East Java is Mount Semeru post monitoring sites are situated + 40 km west Lumajang right side in the village Sumbermujur Candipuro. Aside from being monitoring, here also is the right choice to fill a holiday with the family. At an altitude of 800 meters above sea level, we can see the city of Lumajang freely, South Beach is also very clear from this place. Moreover, the highest mountain in Java, without barriers we turned westward.

How T0 Climb Mount Sawur ?
To climb the mountain Sawur very easy. Because the vehicle we can directly to the summit Sawur because the access road to the top has been made of cast. Also do not worry we will starve because it has a lot of stalls selling food and drinks there. For motor vehicles will rise to the top of the mountain Sawur restricted maximum 9 pm after which the road will be closed to the portal.

if you want to camping here can also be done because there is a fairly flat land that could accommodate about four tents dom. Here, do not miss the beautiful scenery, sunrise and sunset times even we could see the lava of Mount Semeru mountain top Sawur.

So for the traveler who like to travel with a mountain of Volcano photography do not miss this wonderful moment exists only in Lumajang district.

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