Mount Semeru Trekking Information

Mount Semeru Tourist Information

What is Mount Semeru ?

Mount Semeru 3676asl is it volcano in Java’s highest mountain. It sends up a column of thick smoke at a regular interval of five minutes. An active volcano, it is known for its breathtaking views of the sunrise, the sunset, and the volcano’s crater. There are special ceremonies held at the top of Mount Semeru on Independence Day and on Heroes Day.

This mountain also often visited by many climbers and adventurer. They can enjoy the beautiful of crater we call jonggring saloko mount Semeru scenery and get special experience of climb to mt semeru volcano and we will see beautifull of lake.

Why is Active ?

Mount Semeru or Mahameru is the mountain type of active stratovolcano located in Lumajang regency ranupanee village the area of Bromo Tengger Semeru National Park ( TNBTS ) This area was an area of 50273.3 Hektar. with panoramic natural beauty, the park is also rich in cultural ( tribal perch ). This is the main attraction for tourists both local and foreign Mount Semeru has a special place for Hindus and Buddhists in Indonesia on this mountain personified as a sacred mountain located in India . in Hindu and Buddhist cosmology Semeru derived from Sanskrit which means Sumeru ” Great Meru ” is the center of the universe , both physical and metaphysical ( spiritual ) . The volcano mountain is believed to be the abode of the Gods ( Shiva ) . Volcano is also considered a ” Linga Acala ” the phallus is not moving as well as means phallus is not created by man . In ancient Javanese language , Acala is also interpreted mountain or rock .. In texts ” Puranas ” book belonging India Upaweda ( further explanation of the Vedas ) does mention God sitteth in the peak Maha tunggal Mahameru , also known as Mount Kailasa or Mount Hima.

Bromo Discovery also served for mount semeru tour from surabaya or from malang as below :



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