Papuma Milky Way Photography

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Papuma Milky Way Photography

Beautifull Papuma Beach ?

Papuma Beach is one beach resort owned by East Java. Papuma name itself is actually an abbreviation of “Pasir Putih Malikan”. And the one who stands up to now more familiar in the ears for tourist domestic and from asia. Actually we know that Indonesia is the only country that has the longest coastline in the world, a gift which is quite encouraging. Now, the coastal tourist destinations featured not only can get on the island of the gods alone, but almost all regions in Indonesia has a gorgeous beach and worth for the visit, one beach Papuma located in East Java.

The Beatifull Milky Way Papuma Beach Jember

papuma-milky-wayFirst time visit to this beach, I was quite tercegang with the natural beauty of the beach at night is milky way it offers. A cool atmosphere with a temperature of 23 degrees to 30 degrees making tourists who visit here feel welcome and want to linger longer spend vacation time nya.Pantai is surrounded by hills that make this beach looks beautiful and natural seem very suitable also for photography. In addition, the beach is also very suitable for use as a camping area and outbound because this place is very spacious for Photography.

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