Plengkung Beach – G-Land Surfing

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Plengkung Beach or G-Land Surfing, better known as the G-Land, is a beach located in the National Park Alas Purwo, Banyuwangi, East Java. Plengkung can be achieved during the half-day road trip from Bali and 8hour from Surabaya.

Plengkung Beach offer surf sports most favored by surfer and is recommended only for professional surfer because the waves can reach 4-6 meters. Waves in Plengkung is one of the best in the world. Waves as high as 4-6 meters along the 2 km from composite wave formations 7 “go to left” fit ridden by surfers left-handed. In addition prof Plengkung For surfers, there is also Pantai Batu Lawang For learning. The waves here are called “twenty-twenty” which means twenty minute paddle ketengah and enjoy a twenty minute catwalk waves.

In addition to offering the surf there also offers a very natural scenery and camping can also be made to the student or students who want to do research. But if you want the access road is very poor there are many holes continue the asphalt is already on break, I suggest if you want to use the car there is a major tire because let me easy when his journey there.

In addition there is a G-Land Beach, there is also covering Alas Purwo National Park (TNAP). TNAP besides surfers paradise is also a place that can satisfy the preferences of trekking through the woods, observing wildlife in Sadengan and visit the mystical gua2. Somehow TNAP also the most visited places which For the purpose of meditation with various ethnic and religious backgrounds from all over Indonesia. people even have survived three years meditating in the forest / cave with only eat food potluck or daun2an who didptkan surroundings. Gua2 meditation is Cave Palace, Princess Cave and Cave Padepokan, apart from Tiger Cave which is said to have mystical value high. The cave is reachable from the Post Pancur as far as 2 km walk kaki.Selain meditation cave, there Tua temple that was already there long before TNAP there. TSB’s unique temple. TNAP is located amid forests. The cave. Named Giri Seloka. Learn more about Travel Banyuwangi.

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