Probolinggo Water Rafting

What’s Probolinggo Water Rafting ?

Probolinggo Water Rafting is it just title because in probolinggo city many operator for water rafting, name list operator water rafting as below  :

  • Regulo Rafting
  • Songa Bawah Adventure
  • Noars Rafting
  • Songa Atas Adventure
  • Water Tubing Airlangga Adventure

How To go There ?

Probolinggo has other special interest tour called as rafting arenas. Tourists can easily enjoy the rush of exciting venues Pekalen River with only a distance of 32 kilometers by car from Probolinggo Bus Station, or during about 1h towards the South of base camp.
Pekalen River is located in Ranu Gedang Village – Tiris District and ends at Gembleng sub-village, Pesawahan village or Condong village, Gending district. The journey to reach this river approximately 3,5 hours if we are come from Surabaya or Malang city.

Water Rafting in Pekalen River which becomes the arena of this thrilling sport, located at 500 m above sea level. It has varies difficulty level from grade I to grade III plus as many as 30 rapids rafting. Rafting may only be followed aged 10-60 years visitors. As far as 10 kilometers distance rafting applied for 2.5 to 3 hours, including breaks in the middle of travel while enjoying the fruits of young coconut (degan) and fried banana.
Water Rafting Pekalen divided into three sections for rafting: top Pekalen, middle Pekalen and bottom Pekalen. The distance from the rafting trip is also different. Top Pekalen is 12 km trip, middle Pekalen is 5 km and bottom Pekalen is 10 km.

Normaly this trip they combain with a mount bromo to get more adventure and challenge. More information about rafting please feel free contact Us.

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