Sukamade Transportation

What is Sukamade Transportation ?

This journey requires a 4-wheel drive vehicle or large truck for the last 50 km. Hiring a driver/guide guided in Banyuwangi with a suitable 4x4WD is certainly the most comfortable way. The roads are very rough and several rivers need crossing via fords (there are no bridges) – a regular road car will not make this. The journey into Sukamade bench is a good 3-4 hours of off road drive involving mountain tracks, river and plantations. Enjoy very nice scenery along the ride which included rice fields, coco plantations, cliff and beaches.

You should aim to stay at least one night at Sukamade, take in the beauty of the beach and understand the place. That being said, visitors do day trip from Banyuwangi (returning very late at night as you need to be on the beach in the hours of darkness for the full turtle experience). Expect to pay a driver about Rp 1.400,000 (1 jeep up to 4 passenger) for his services and the car on trip sarongan – sukamade (go and back).

An alternative is to approach from the village of Kalibaru, 60 km east of Jember. From here, stay at the splendid Margo Utomo Homestay (see lodging below) and they will organise to get you to Sukamade by truck.

Travellers on the less budget can try the following :

Take a bus from Jember/Banyuwangi to Jajag (about 80/40 km = 2,5 / 1,5 hours).
Bemo or ojek by motor cycle from Jajag to Pesanggaran (about 20 km).
Take the bemo or ojek or daily truck from Pesanggaran market at 11am to 16pm(the truck eparts when it is fully loaded with supplys for the city) to Sarongan and finally Sukamade. The daily truck from Pesanggaran directly to Sukamade costs Rp. 200,000 / person to Sukamade Beach and Rp. 50.000 / person to Sukamade Village. Expect the journey to take around 4-5 hours. An Ojek directly to Sukamade Beach is Rp. 250.000 / person and the journey takes around 3 hours. There is only one truck each day and if you are going to miss it, stay at Jajag and continue the following day as there is absolutely nowhere to lodge in Pasanggaran. because at pasanggaran only serve 2lodge when we visit to sukamade turtle beach.

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