The Best Smoke Bromo Volcano

The Best Smoke Bromo Volcano In the world :

Hello Traveller this picture when bromo volcano eruption because many tourist scary event bromo volcano eruption. Actually so beautifull landscape and beautifull smoke from bromo volcano, because when we want to get this picture must be come almost every 4-5 years siklus bromo volcano eruption.

From the last eruption 2015 at desember until 2016 bromo national park close safe for 2,5km so we can’t going down trough sea of sand, thats why we must to shoot this picture just from caldera or from seruni point. not many people for tourist photography they come here for about reason? but from this picture reall from Bromo Volcano when eruption.

So from now planning your date and waiting for siklus every 4-5years Bromo Volcano Eruption to get the beautifull smoke in the world. more information about Bromo Vulcano please feel free Contact Us :

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